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Batgirl of Burnside by dCTb

DC just released images of Batgirl's new costume, and deviants have been creating fan art like crazy!

Deviant babsdraws is the artist behind Batgirl's stylishly cool reboot! 
Batgirl Promo Poster! by babsdraws

Enjoy 60+ pieces of fan art! 

Batgirl Justice Magazine by Artgerm
Batgirl of Burnside by dCTb
Batgirl by Toonikun

Batgirl by Mikuloctopus
The New Batgirl by Hedrick-CS

New Batgirl! by mikemaihack

BatGirl by MatoelGrande
Batgirl redesign by pardoart
commission - Batgirl by marciotakara
Batgirl by Nicohitoride
BATGIRL by li-jean
Batgirl by muzzillustrations
Batgirl! by Tono-x-Tono
The New Batgirl by MattSimas
Batgirl by squeegool
Batgirl by GeorgeCaltsoudas
NEW Batgirl by Hodges-Art
Batgirl and Amazi-Girl by itswalky
New Batgirl by Y0KO
Batgirl by halwilliams
Batgirl 2014 by LucianoVecchio

New Batgirl by Robaato

Batgirl by bear65
Batgirl 2014 by eko999
Batgirl by cherlye
New Batgirl! by jakecastorena
Batgirl by KikaiSaigono
New Batgirl by ajinda
Batgirl by Lun-acy
Quick Batgirl by ParisAlleyne
The new Batgirl by Josh-Ulrich
batgirl by Zeablast
Batgirl II by samanthadoodles
Batgirl 7 14 by coreylandis
Batgirl #2 by hatoola13BATGIRL by AndrewSketches
Batgirl (Sketch Dailies) by patrickianmoss
Batgirl's New Duds by StudioBueno
Batgirl Fan Art by armandoleon
Batgirl sketch by Igloinor
Batgirl new costume Sketch Dailies by ArtistAbe Batgirl by bbrunoliveira
Batgirl 2 - The Redesign by skyscraper48
All New Batgirl by javman
New Batgirl Fan Art by allengeneta
Batgirl of Burnside by HectorBarrientos
Batgirl by TomMartinArt
Batgirl by PheonixGamma
BATGIRL by flavataste
Batgirl by teshawndwyer
NEW Batgirl by Y0KO
Na Na Na Na Batgirl! by XanderComicsInc

What teenage girl is complete without a signature selfie? 

Batgirl redesign 2014 by LordWilhelm
Selfie by MaHenBu
Read more about DC Comics'  Batgirl here
MTV: Babs, what’s it been like jumping into the team?
Babs Tarr: The whole thing has been pretty surreal! I was surprised, as a newcomer, at how super welcoming and collaborative everyone has been! Being approached to do “Batgirl” and being met with such open arms toward my art style and ideas has just been beyond my wildest imagination. “Batgirl” will be my first comic, and I could not be more honored and excited about the challenge! I am excited to draw Cameron and Brenden’s “Batgirl!” The story so far is right up my alley. I know I have big shoes to fill but I am up for the challenge!

What do you think of Batgirl's redesign? Link me to more Batgirl fan art in the comments below!

Skin by Dan Leveille

World Cup 2014

Mon Jul 14, 2014, 10:44 AM

WELTMEISTER by apfelgriebs
Well done, Germany!
Toni Kroos by apfelgriebs
Mats Hummels - Man Of The Match by apfelgriebs
Jump Klose, jump! by apfelgriebs
Go Schurrle, go! by apfelgriebs
WELTMEISTER by apfelgriebs
Can you believe the World Cup is over? What were your favorite moments? Which charming players will you remember most? 

Neymar was definitely a standout player to me! 
Neymar Jr. by apfelgriebs
Fantastic artwork by apfelgriebs!

I am going to keep an eye out for more World Cup fan art! Please link me to any pieces you'd like to see included.
#163 Brazil World Cup by 365-DaysOfDoodles Deutschland ist Weltmeister by Ry-Spirit 

Skin by Dan Leveille

Blank deviantART meme

Fri Jul 11, 2014, 11:30 AM

426952 10150639153228290 1985497452 N by Shyree

1. How did you join deviantART?

2. What does your username have to do with you?

3. What is your current avatar of?

4. How many Watchers do you have, and how many do you watch?

5. Do you have more than one account?

6. Name three of your favorite artists on deviantART.

7. What deviant(s) do you admire because of their personality?

8. How many deviants do you actually know in real life? Post their avatars.

9. Do you comment, Favourite, or both?

10. What do you typically post on deviantART?

11. Do you participate in clubs or contests here on deviantART?

12. What is your most popular deviation -- as in most viewed or most favorited?

13. What's your favorite submission in your Gallery?

14. What are things you wish you could draw better?

15. Do you have a Premium Membership?

16. How many hours a day do you spend on deviantART?

17. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?

18. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
19. What is the most annoying/offending comment you've ever received?

20. What (or who) inspires you?

21. Do you use guidelines when you draw?

22. Do you associate people on deviantART with their icons? Link us to some examples!

23. Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation?

24. Many people have considered leaving deviantART. Have you? Why?

Skin by Dan Leveille

Best of the Best: Sailor Moon

Tue Jul 8, 2014, 9:00 AM

Moon Kingdom Royal Portrait by oneKATIE

Sailor Moon reached American audiences in 1995. U.S. teenagers became instantly obsessed with the band of beautiful soldiers. Twenty-two years later, Sailor Moon is back.


Who is Sailor Moon?
    She's the main character in a sailor suit who basically saves the world.

What powers doe the Sailor Senshi have?
    They have the power to magically transform into their costumes. 

Who are Sailor Moon's enemies?
    Generally, they're fighting against space-related foes of the Earth! 

Why are they so popular?

    Sailor Moon helped jump-start female anime fandom in the United States. 

What's Sailor Moon saying at the end of introduction? 

“Tsuki ni kawatte, oshiokyo!” translates roughly to "In the name of the moon, I will punish you."

Enjoy 60+ pieces of beautiful Sailor Moon fan art! 

Sailor Moon by Charlie-Bowater

Sailor Venus by daekazuSailor Mars by daekazuSailor Mercury by daekazu Sailor Moon by daekazu
.Super Sailor Moon. by Sailor-Serenity
Sailor Moon by k-BOSE

Sailor Moon by nako-75
Sailor moon  Eternal by LimKis
Sailor Moon by sbel02

Sailor Scout Lineup by dou-hong
Moon Court by DarkSunRose
fan art of SAILOR MOON by k-BOSE
Sailor Saturn by k-BOSE
Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars by SaintPrecious
Sailor Moon by emilywarrenart
Sailor Moon: Ami by daekazu
Sailor moon by Roy-Flowers

Sailor Moon by samanthadoodles
Sailor Moon Team by riccardobacci
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by Ry-Spirit
Sailor Moon Crystal Power by Naschi
Dark Side of the Moon by DarkSunRose The Last Defense by DarkSunRose
Usagi and Luna - Together again by gabrielleragusi
Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars by daekazu
Sailor Moon by nekoli 
Sad Serenity by Saiprin
Sailor Jupiter by RedreevGeorge 
Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars by SaintPrecious
Sailor Venus by RedreevGeorge
Sailor Jupiter by selena-goulding
Princess Serenity ArtNov by Ernz1318
Sailor Moon by portablecity
Sailor Five by Saiprin
Defenders by Saiprin
Serenity on the Moon by nna
Sailor Moon: Mako and Minako by daekazu
Sailor Moon: Rei and Usagi by daekazu
Uranus and Neptune by nna
Sailor Moon by hart-coco
Sailormoon - Outer and Inner Senshi by TholiaArt
Sailor Moon: 5 Warriors by daekazu
senshi kimono by winetta
Sailor Soldiers by nna
Attack of Evil Queen Beryl! by hyamei
Sailor Saturn by LimKis
Chibi Moon by k-BOSE
Legendary Soldiers by Kaze-Hime
Sailor Moon Tribute by Tetiel
Sailor Moon: Wallpaper by daekazu
Princess Leia and Princess Serenity by daekazu
Sailor Moon Reunion by JackyGilbertson
Sailor Moon: old and new by daekazu
Sailor Moon: Crazy Hair by daekazu
Retro Scouts by hyamei
Sailor Soldiers Wallpapers by nna
Moon Kingdom Royal Portrait by oneKATIE
fan art of SAILOR MOON by k-BOSE
In the name of the moon, these deviant cosplayers will right wrong and triumph over evil.
Deep Submerge - Super Sailor Moon by Mostflogged
sailor moon -  cosplay - serena tsukino by sanchanclau
Moon Revenge by Usagitxo
Spiral Heart attack!!!! by Usagitxo
Sailor Moon and Luna by Elle-Cosplay
Sailor Moon by xDanu
Eternal Sailor Moon Cosplay by WindoftheStars
Super Sailor moon on the galaxy by Dedliz
Sailor Moon: friends forever by Usagitxo
Sailor Moon - The Senshi by DarkMoonProject
Are you planning to watch Sailor Moon Crystal? What do you think of the new take on Sailor Moon? When did you first fall in love with these lovely heroines?

Browse more Sailor Moon fan art!

Join the sailormoon Group! 

Skin by Dan Leveille


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